tony rock

Chris Rock’s brother, comedian, Tony Rock is a bitter man these days. I’ve been a witness to his wrath PERSONALLY 🙁 During a stand up gig the other day, he told the audience why he is out of a job since the ending of “All of Us” in which he starred in alongside Lisa Raye. An audience member shouted out, “Hey Tony what ever happen to your TV show “All Of Us?”

Tony fires back:

 “What happened? Oh I’ma keep it real….. that b*tch LisaRaye! That b*tch LisaRaye got married to that fake prince dude from that Island and decided that she didntt want to do the show no more. She just said F**k the rest of us. Then dude cheated on her, beat her ass and now their divorced! I’m telling y’all karma is real….”

WOW! Anywho, the show went down hill when they kicked off Elise Neal and made Lisa Raye the man star of the show. It woulda gott cancelled in the long run. Don’t you think?