td jakes

WOW! Reuben Armstrong, a stalk show host, XPOSES what he calls “megapastors” in his new book entitled “Crooks and Homos in the Pulpit”. Armstrong puts Bishop T.D. Jakes (I love him!), Joel Osteen, Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar on full blast in this book. He says this book is about “the rampant spread of homosexuality and thievery that has taken over the lives of many pastors and ministers.” WOW! During a news conference to discuss his book Armstrong said “Pastors are stealing money from their own church funds, living the life style of the rich and famous and living on the down low (homosexual) lifestyles and no one is holding them accountable…The majority of pastors and ministers are delivering a watered down version of the bible to please the pew warmers.” Buddy also came out with another book awhile back called “Snakes in the Pulpit” which talks about the same pastors mentioned above. WOW….

How do you feel about this? Do you think Armstrong has a point?