Who watched For the Love of Ray J Reunion last night? Quite amusing to say the least! What did you think?

The 14 chicks from For the Love of Ray J reunite to reminice about the seaon. Danger, Unique, Cashmere and Stilts get a chance to confront Ray J, and it got intesting.

My thoughts/recap…Stilts and Ray going at it because Stilts felt that it was okay to date while she is married was just plain ol’ ridiculous. The girl is crazy. They talked about Caviar’s manager, Chicago Larry, who revealed himself on the show! CLASSIC MOMENT! I was dying of laughter! Chardonnay looked sooooo much better on the reunion show. I guess that nasty weave during the season took away from her beauty. I didn’t realize that she was so in love with Ray J. Poor thang.

Danger and Unique got to express their true feelings for Ray J. Danger did admit that she thought she was preggers by Ray J, but said it was a false alarm. Didn’t Ray J look so relieved! What happened to the use of condoms! Especially after he probably found out that she was a prostitute? ewwww!

Cocktail looked desperate and boring. MissXpose Readers, Let us know what you thought about the Reunion show!

Check out the video for more on the show in case you missed it!

ray cocktail

Chicago Larry LOL!