About a month ago, we reported that Wendy Williams xposed in a blind item report that an R&B singer was caught on tape having sexual relations with someone other than her “rapper” husband. Well after my readers and I debated back and forth, some of you were right…the R&B star that was “caught out there” was none other than, Kelis. Underground rapper, Infrared apparently got a taste of Kelis’ Milkshake while she was married to her rapper husband Nas. I haven’t seen the tape myself, but Williams and some others who had access to it have confirmed that it is indeed Kelis in the tape. We hear that the video doesn’t show much, but it does show Kelis taking a nap (naked) just after her and underground songwriter/rapper Infared had allegedly engaged in some sexual activities. Infared also films a monologue to the camera sending a message to rapper Nas saying “Handle your mother f#*king business. I got your b*&ch here, she getting naked.”

In a recent interview with with Hip Hop Weekly, Infrared says that he enjoyed an “encounter” with Kelis but did not reveal any details about the alleged tape.

“I knew Kelis in the hip hop world, and from clubbin’, hanging out,” said Infrared. “I heard that [sex tape] rumor. I don’t know [if she was married’. She wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.”

Infared goes on to insist he has not been confronted by Nas over the allegations…

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