I really debated for weeks if I should even waste my time informing you guys about this bufoonery…but I know some of my readers enjoy this crap! LOL! Well, some of you may have heard that Karrine Steffans aka Superhead is pregnant. Karrine insinuated on her VLOG that she is pregnant and she wanted to stir up controversy by suggesting the baby daddy may be rapper/actor, Bow Wow…YEAH RIGHT HONEY! In her video (vlog), Superhead was posted up in her bed wearing a white robe sporting a “baby bump”, than further into the video, the baby bump seemed to disappear. This chick really needs help! Really! I refuse to keep her relevant on this blog from this day forward (unless its really juicy scoop, LOL 🙂 )

Anywho, Bow Wow must’ve heard the latest rumor that he may have a baby on the way and he responded in a freestyle, saying that he basically “hit it” but he used protection! EEWWWW!

Here are the lyrics to Bow Wow’s freestyle (its floating on youtube somewhere):

I hear these rumors about Superhead
Boy y’all funny,
I wrapped it up like a Christmas gift
I ain’t no dummy…

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