A popular website reported that Diddy’s solo artist, Donnie Klang, made inappropriate racist remarks on a radio station in Long Island, New York. The website said that Klang said this in his interview:

Radio Host: How is it working with Diddy?

Klang: I get asked this question a lot and I never really been honest with myself or the fans but I’m going to tell you the truth … it’s hell working with Diddy, he never really gives you a say dealing with your career – it’s always what he wants. He is trying to make me something I’m not. He wants me to act black … I’m not sure why maybe because the majority of the Bad Boy family is black. I’m not really sure if this is the place for me anymore, but I’m trying to work through this and to tell you the truth it’s really hard to work with black people in general.

Radio Host: Wow you just put it all out there and you made a very strong comment about black people which I’m sure is gonna cost a lot of controversy.

Klang: Well I’m being honest.

Well, Klang’s reps have denied the story and said it was “completely fabricated”! In a statement released Thursday by his reps, Klang says “A popular website posted a completely fabricated story about me yesterday, and now it’s circulating around the Internet,” “It is important for me to speak to my fans and let them know that the story is 100% fiction. It’s completely made up!” “I love all my fans and all people of various racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. I would never, in any way, say anything racially derogatory. In addition, I love my Bad Boy family and have nothing but love for the entire label and staff. Don’t believe the lies! The story is absolutely false.”

Do you think Donnie Klang would say anything racist?