This is the juiciest scoop I have had in awhile. Well, some of my fellow bloggers all have received an email from someone in Wendy William’s camp with the subject line “Wendy William’s Husband is Cheating On her”.  The email came from “Wendy Williams” personal email address, but we doubt she sent it out. The email consisted of a video tape of her husband, Kevin, having sex with some hood rat. The worse part about it is that the two individuals are looking straight at the camera which indicates they were making their own bootleg sex tap. As you know, Wendy Williams ex-talent booker accused Wendy’s husband of sexual harrassment and also of beating Wendy Williams up in front of her staff.  Since the alleged accusations were made, many of Wendy Williams staff members have supported the claims and spoke out on various blog, anonymously of course. So this may be another ploy to XPOSE the truth!

For various reasons were are not allowed to show you the still shots from the video or the actual video on our blog, but check this out here: