Is the Queen of Hip Hop gay or not? Well I guess we should mind our own businesses, but like you, I enjoy gossip 🙂  In a recent interview with Ebony Magazine Queen Latifah had some things to say about the “gay” rumors (see below):

When asked about the rumors, she said:

“My private life is my private life. Whomever I might be with, I don’t feel the need to share it. I don’t think I ever will.”
This is a far cry from what she told Ebony magazine:

When asked about the stories swirling on the Internet and elsewhere that claim she is romantically involved with a
female fitness trainer, Latifah immediately says:

“No comment on that at all. I’m done commenting on all that … It’s ridiculous, I know me and that’s all I need to know. And if the readers don’t know me, then that;s one part they aren’t going to get to know. Those are my people but they don’t sleep with me,” she says in a very even tone that is very consistent with her relaxed mood. “It feels so invasive. It’s the one thing I don’t think people need to know about.”

Queen L, we all know the real deal, but we still love you!